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The art of creating refined flavors and crafting delicate textures is one that needs perfection over decades. At Baklavati, we pursue this perfection every day to bring you the familiar feeling of festivities and traditions through our products

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What We Do

When it comes to baklava, it comes across a long list of shapes. Each baklava recipe is more beautiful than the other, Baklavati is the place where you can find all kinds of baklava, such as roll baklava, ballorieh baklava, bassmah baklava, and many more…, Baklavati produce baklava in series. Our quality and freshly produced baklava is made by our professional chefs for you, to send to your home for you to enjoy.



Baklava, Maamoul and other sweets


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Baklavati sweets, the name as well as the taste essentially radiates something unique and exquisite.


Our Mission

Our mission at Baklavati is to give our communities a taste of home, anywhere.


Who we are

We are a team of Baklava lovers who are passionate about sweet communities.



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Something About Us

Baklavati is a celebration of the perfect blends of exotic flavours and indigenous tastes, that have the best tinge of rich Turkish cuisine. We offer a wide range of unique desserts that are excellently curated by the world’s best chefs. Our aim is simple- to provide you with an unforgettable taste that lingers on your taste buds and keeps reminding you of our exemplary baked products. So if you are looking for the perfect match of excellent aromas to enjoy an exquisite foreign taste with the most exciting turkish twist, then Baklavati is your perfect go-to hub. Why? Because we don’t just offer you the best services, we create memories.

Baklavati sweets, the name as well as the taste essentially radiates something unique and exquisite. The sweet dish Baklava is synonymous with the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. In the present times, Baklava from Turkey is indeed common knowledge for everyone but the origin of this sweet delicacy is a topic of strong debate. Some vote for Greece while others vote for Turkey. But the fun part is that both these countries share a long history of making, innovating as well as enjoying Baklava sweet.

Check What Our Client Says About Our Products

It was fricking delicious!

Maggie Brock from TX

MD at Safety Co.

Yours is perfect, not too sticky I can bite into it and not have the honey drool out all over the place, also not too crispy --it's just the right blend with a perfect texture and great taste.

Adam Hamdan from Orlando FL

International Sales Manager

We all have them on our gift list, those people who are difficult to buy for. This year instead of a bottle of wine, we sent Pure baklava. Decadent, delicious and different! The gifts were loved by all!

Hassan Abdi from TX

Owner of Travel Agency

The unwrapping of the package made the experience so exciting. Anticipation of what was inside this elegant looking package was exciting. We will be keeping the box!

Danial Collin from London


The quality was outstanding, and the delivery time was super-fast.

Barbra Jackson from Miami

Trainer @ Sea World

Exceptional, fresh taste that wasn't too sweet or gooey.

Jennifer Gambrel

Acct Manager at Accuform

The best quality and excellent customer service

Gea Raspanti from Italy

Sales dept

Love the products I've bought thus far, they arrived surprisingly quickly considering im in Texas. Will definitely recommend Baklavati Sweets to others in the future

Geri Baitz

Account Manager

Simply delivery with good express shipping cost . Perfect customer support. Thanks

Sabine Coudijzer from Belgium

Export Manager

Great Mixed Baklava!!

Sven Vangermain from Germany

Sales Manager

Excellent sweets, shipping very fast, good quality and good packaging, thank you

S. Takeda from Kanagawa Japan

Overseas Business Head Division

So fresh and great products 👍🏻

Zunera from Dubai


Number One 👍👍


James Bross

Chef Kitchen

Good Quality Good Price Excellent Service

Grace Barnes

Pastry Cook

Very safe shopping site. I recommend you try. You will be happy.

Amin Elisar from Jacksonville

Hardware Store Owner

Best baklava ever!!!! The different types of baklava are varied and amazing. Fresh, with great taste and textures.

Bernard Johana


It came very elegantly and carefully packaged.

Mohammad Albaketh from MN, USA

Taxi Driver

Not too sweet like many baklava can be. Just perfect! Nice packaging too.

Lisa Armstrong


The product itself was delicious and there was more in the box than I expected which was great!

James Williams From Malvern Wells, UK

Business Developer