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The art of creating refined flavors and crafting delicate textures is one that needs perfection over decades. At Baklavati, we pursue this perfection every day to bring you the familiar feeling of festivities and traditions through our products


Maamoul With Halabi Pistachios

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Homemade & best quality Pistachios Maamoul made of wholesome ingredients. Baklavati is one of the best maamoul makers in JordanPistachio maamoul is the most famous sweet dessert in Jordan and worldwide. Baklavati produces high-quality, daily, and fresh maamoul You will love the taste of them while eating them one by one.
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  • Maamoul contains Halabi Pistachio.
  • We sell the Best Mamoul worldwide
  • It is suitable as a gift with a special metal box
  • Does not contains preservativesglucose, or any other chemicals
  • Handmade by professional chefs
  • Daily production
  • Product Expiration: After 1 year from the purchase date.
  • Vacuumed package
  • Package Net Weight:   1- 0.5kg (1.1lbs) 2– 1.0kg (2.2lbs)

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  • Almond flour – fine-blanched almond flour
  • Cornstarch – helps bind the cookie together and makes it lighter
  • Icing sugar – can be replaced with powder sweetener for Ketogenic diets.
  • Melted butter – makes the cookie soft and chewy
  • Egg whites – the ‘glue’ that holds everything together
  • Lemon zest – unwaxed lemons and grate
  • Water & rosewater
  • Nuts: Chopped Pistachio

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